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Customer Care Monitoring – Client Agreement

Customer Care Monitoring Program Client Agreement


I (Client) agree to pay Call that Geek IT (CTGIT) the monthly fee that is automatically charged to my method of payment thru I know I can cancel at any time through or emailing without any future charges as long as I cancel at least 3 business days before the next billing cycle.

Billing and monitoring starts at the time of the first payment.

Although CTGIT will endeavor to conduct all activities in a timely manner, I understand that any maintenance that is done maybe done at different times of the day, week or month.

CTGIT reserves the right to recommend another IT company if the troubleshooting requires the assistance of another IT company to assist. Client will contract with the other IT company separately.

You grant CTGIT the right to transfer programs and scripts onto your computer to fulfill the tasks you have signed up for in the package.

I also certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless CTGIT for any and all data or software that may be lost or erased, as well as for any consequence of the erasure or loss of that data or software. Although CTGIT will take every precaution to preserve all data and software on the computer, I acknowledge that occasionally data loss will occur and/or software operation may be compromised.

If I require training in backup methods and procedures, CTGIT will provide that training to me at an additional rate of $89 per hour. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless CTGIT for any and all hardware or software malfunctions or accidents that may occur before, during or after work is performed on Client’s computer, and for any results thereof.

Virus Removals: I also certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless and will pay for added support to CTGIT for any software repairs necessary after a virus has been detected and removed off a computer. Viruses in a computer can cause many problems, we cannot control what or how the virus affected the computer before our removal.

Confidentiality Agreement: Any private information stored on your computer or viewed by our computer repair technicians during a remote support call and/or remote monitoring will be held confidential unless required by law. Due to the requirements of any repairs during monitoring, you are responsible for your own data backup and monitoring. CTGIT provides cloud backup and monitoring and with this service you can decide what data is backed up. CTGIT is not responsible for any data loss from backups, we do monitor the backups to ensure they are ran. CTGIT is not responsible for failed backups and we work hard to ensure backups are completed successfully. You do have access to your own control panel for your own cloud backup monitoring if purchased through CTGIT. If you cancel your monitoring service with CTGIT, your cloud backup data may be lost, so you are responsible for ensuring you have proper backups before canceling your contract.