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Outlook Help & Support

Outlook Help & Support

Computer Repair

Having issues with Microsoft Outlook or need help setting up Outlook?  Then let us help you!

We provide local and remote support to fix your outlook issues.

Here are just some of the services we offer:

Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange Migration for personal & business

Get the help you are looking for setting up Microsoft Office Outlook when setting up your cloud exchange or Office 365.  We can also provide the services you need at a great price for hosting your email services.

Microsoft Outlook Email Setup

New to Outlook and want to start to use it for your emails?  No problem, we can set it up to receive almost any type of email you  might have.

Microsoft Outlook Error Messages / Troubleshooting

Are you opening your Microsoft Outlook and now getting error messages for some reason and can’t figure it out?  Let us help you and troubleshoot your issues.  Most issues can be fixed and repaired remotely in under an hour.

PST File is Corrupt Error Messages

Your PST file is your database of all your emails and information in Outlook, even the best people have issues with their PST files, let us help you get them fixed.  This can usually be fixed the same day depending on the size of the PST file.

Outlook is taking a long time to open or not open at all

This happens sometimes when a configuration needs adjusted.  Let us take a look at your setup and make some corrections to get it to speed up when it opens.

I receive send/receive error messages

This could be several reasons why you are getting error messages, but we can remote into your machine and take a look and advise what changes might have to be made to get your errors to go away.

Running out of room for your e-mails?

Let us help you with some settings to give you more room.