2 Minute Tutorials | How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser – Step by Step Video Tutorial

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2 Minute Tutorials | How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser

How to set Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 10. By default the default Browser in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. If you want to change the default browser and how Google Chrome the default browser (or any browser) then in 2 minutes you will be done. You can change Windows 10 Default Browser to any browser you want in one setting within Windows 10.
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Whether you upgraded to windows 10 or offered a modern day pc with the OS preloaded, you’ll note that Microsoft edge is the default browser. Your default browser is the only that opens while you click on in a link in your e-mail, in the windows searchbox or in other apps including your instant messenger so it’s very crucial.

Set chrome as default browser windows 10 is easy to do once you know where to make the changes to your default programs. You could change this default to Chrome, Firefox or another third-party browser, but this is no longer as smooth because it turned into in windows 7 and eight where you may just click on a button within the new browser. here’s the way to change your default browser in windows 10.
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