Best Antivirus for 2016 – Top 4 Antivirus Programs

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Best Antivirus 2016. We have analyzed the 2016 lab results from independent antivirus testers and created a top 4 list for 2016. Get the best antivirus to protect your computer.

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Suggested Malware Protection:


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7 Responses to “Best Antivirus for 2016 – Top 4 Antivirus Programs

  • For me, this anti-virus software program “www just fanet” (Google it) is the ideal one available. It has always kept my COMPUTER protected, interception viruses, Trojan Horses. It performs at least as well as other security leaders and what clenched for me is that it outperforms most others in terms of firewall capability.

  • Agree with it. Norton is just a junkware/adware that includes Ask browser hijacker

  • this was cool dose it keep hackers out ?]

  • what about Eset?

  • which is the best antivirus paid for windows 8.1 ?!

  • I dont listen to any of these best antivirus for 2016 because there are about 20 on here and there all different.

  • What Windows video do you want to see next? Comment below!