FIX: Open With Missing in Windows 10 + Change Default Open Options

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I am going to show you how to add open with to the right click menu in Windows 10. The open with problem in Windows 10 happens to some users and can be annoying. This easy fix will add to Windows 10 open with option.
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5 Responses to “FIX: Open With Missing in Windows 10 + Change Default Open Options

  • i have the fortnite reply files how do you cahnge it back?

  • This didn't seem to work for me. The problem I'm having is with Steam game desktop icons. They're coming up as blank. Before, I remember I could use Open With and use Browser and that'd fix them all. But now Open With isn't showing when I pull up that menu.

    I tried this fix and still no go with these icons.

  • Help this didnt work

  • I did it with the notepad
    I did it manually
    But still "Open With" is disabled.
    Please Help 🙁

  • first comment?