How to Backup Your Programs and Data in Windows 10

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I show you how to use Windows 10 operating system to create an image of your computer to fully back it up incase of viruses, hard drive failures or other issues where you can easily restore your backup and not lose any of your installed programs or data at that point.

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9 Responses to “How to Backup Your Programs and Data in Windows 10

  • Backup your data to the cloud with my latest video:

  • Thanks for the tutorial. Do you have a tutorial for how to restore from that backup file? I followed these instructions and reinstalled my OS. Now I need to restore my programs. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • After we have the image backup, how to restore all programs and data?
    Thank you!

  • I get errors when I'm on the back and restore. Any suggestions?

  • hai here. i refreshed my windows 10 but after finishing i found out that in controlpanel>programs.program and features there are nothing left. All my inbuit and other apps that i installed are gone. But i need my inbuit apps ther any method to get them back.

    Also i want to know how to backup inbuilt apps before refreshing the pc(if any external software is required)

    please reply quickly

  • I forgot to say that my "Back Up Now" settings are "Let Windows choose" which said that it makes a system image AND backs up files in libraries, desktop and Windows default folders.   I think that is what is confusing me because when I read that it sounded like the files being backed up was separate from the system image.  So does the system image by itself include the files or not?  Thanks again!

  • If you go to "Backup and Restore" in the control panel and hit "Back Up Now"  will that do the same thing?  In other words, is creating a system image the same thing that happens when you hit "Back Up Now"?   It seems like it isn't because the option for "create a system image" is on the same pop up box that the "Back Up Now" is on.   The reason I am asking is because I usually click "Back Up Now" but for some reason I used the "Create a System Image" instead and I am not sure if I am getting all my files backed up or not the way I do when I click "Back Up Now".   I hope you can clarify this for me cause I don't understand computers all that well.   Thank you!

  • hi, when you regularly backup is the old backup automatically overwritten, thanks