How to Remove Default File Association Windows 10

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Remove the Default File Associations in Windows 10

What are File Associations?

File associations are what tells Windows to open a specific program when you double-click on a file to open it.  If there is no file association set in Windows then you will be given a dialog to set one.  Also, when you install programs if that program uses the file extension it may set the file extension to open when you try to open that file.  But what if you set the wrong one or want to chat what program opens.  Let’s hop into how to remove default file association in Windows 10 using the Windows Registry.

Remove the Default File Associations by the Windows Registry

The registry is the Windows ‘database’ of settings.  ALWAYS backup your Windows Registry Before you make any changes.  Making incorrect changes can completely mess up your computer.  A simple restore of your backup can usually fix this issue.

1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run me

2. type regedit and hit enter


3. Browse to the following on the left side thru the folders:


4. Right-click FileExts and click Export.  This will backup this registry folder.  If you need to restore this backup you can right click on the .reg file and select Merge.  This will overwrite your settings back to what they were before you made changes.

Remove Default Program Associations

5. Expand the FileExts folder and this will display all the file extensions related to your system.

6. Expand the folder for the file extension you want to change and open the OpenWithList

Remove Default File Associations

7. Right-click the program that you no longer want to be associated with the file extension and select Delete


That is it, this is how you can remove program options to open with certain programs from your open with option.  Leave a comment below if the Removing the default file association with the registry worked for you and what other tutorials you would like to see on our site.

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