How to Setup the Windows 10 Mail App

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Setup the Windows 10 built in mail app for The other online mail is also available to setup. You can setup multiple email accounts easily and that will be in another video. But if you can’t wait you just click the dial on the bottom of the email to setup another email.

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4 Responses to “How to Setup the Windows 10 Mail App

  • Don't waste your time with this crappy email app. The mail icon in the toolbar will likely disappear. There is no way to import contacts in from other applications. A much better email app is eM Client.

  • i cant add my google account. it says something went wrong.

  • so i just received an e-mail from Netflix to my outlook account (viewed it through Chrome) showing the release date of the season 2 of Stranger Things and it worked fine. I went then and opened the Mail app for windows 10 and the flash video from the background could not play. How do I enable flash video (or HTML5 or whatever that format is) in the Mail app?

  • Great quick help Video Thank You for the help, /Fred California