How to WIPE an External Hard Drive Windows 10 – Step by Step Video Tutorial

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How to WIPE an External Hard Drive   Windows 10

Two Easy Ways on How to Wipe an External Hard Drive on Windows 10. One way is built into the Windows 10 system and the second way is using a free piece of software that will allow you multiple options depending on how securely you want to remove the data from the hard drive.

There are plenty of reasons to wipe a hard drive, SSD or external drive. You may just want to free up space, set it up to work with a different file system, or delete every trace of data on the drive so you can sell it knowing no one will get your information after the fact.

I’m going to show you two ways on how to wipe your external hard drive, but this also works on any hard drive as well.
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Recover Data after formatting a hard drive –
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