No More OpenOffice Updates?!? Your Computer is at Risk!

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OpenOffice is considering closure after the project’s programmers are having trouble getting volunteers leaving a large hole for security risk. LibreOffice is the better alternative with more updated software. Openoffice hasn’t had an update in over a year now.

Try LibreOffice, it is free for Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android:

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With the recent news that the famous Free Microsoft Office alterative ‘Open Office’ could be coming to an end
what is a great alternative for those that can’t dish out a few hundred bucks for an ‘office like product’?

The very last update of Open Office was October of 2015, which leaves a lot of security risk for the users.

Libre Office is the better alternative to OpenOffice. With the lack of volunteers with open office currently
the security patches are still outstanding, which puts your computer at risk.

Libre Office is also a free download that includes a word processor, excel like spreadsheets, and almost anything else that comes in
the basic Microsoft Home Office Suite. libreoffice supports Windows, MAC, Linux, and Andriod

I put a link in the description to libreoffice to get your free download.

Leave a comment below of any other free alternatives to Open Office or what you like or dislike about LibreOffice

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