Remove Do you want to open Game bar? Popup Notification in Windows 10

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In Windows 10 the Xbox Game DVR is a feature that was built into the Xbox App by default and it turned on by default. It allows you to capture gameplay and share it. If you aren’t a gamer and/or don’t want to capture your game play, then this easy tutorial will help you disable the annoying ‘Do you want to open Game bar?’ popup.

UPDATE: If this doesn’t work you can fully remove the xbox app with this process:

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9 Responses to “Remove Do you want to open Game bar? Popup Notification in Windows 10

  • it doesn't work everytime I type it pops up please help!

  • Thank you now i dont have to worry for fps drops.

  • I followed your directions, restarted my computer, and all was well for a day. Then the pop-up returned. I checked the Registry, and my "0" had mysteriously changed itself back to a "1". How do I keep this from happening again?

  • Fixed it. Awesome. THank you

  • Didn't work

  • Thanks for making this video, have some AutoHotkey scripts which were causing this popup all the time.
    For those interested here's the CmdLet:
    Set-ItemProperty -Path HKCU:SystemGameConfigStore -Name GameDVR_Enabled -Value 0

  • Omg thx I did an antivirus bit scan overnight I've tried everything was getting ready to reinstall 10. I had just assumed it was a virus.

  • Thank you very much for posting this….it was driving me bananas because the game bar would pop up every time I changed the volume of my computer. I do not use XBox and all the other hints I found online wanted me to enable XBox….this was very simple. Excellent…thank you.

  • Thank you for posting this. I use GeForce Experience to record gameplay. It uses hardware H264 encoding so has minimal impact on performance, and recordings are good quality. It even allows you to record stereoscopic 3D gameplay! The pop-ups every time you launch a game in 10 were getting annoying and they were not just about recording games, they sometimes say about press some keys for the game bar, or press other keys to take a screen shot etc. I watched a video from another YouTube user but his solution was to go into settings in the Xbox app in Windows 10 – but I could not get into settings without logging into it first, which I did not want to do! (Have chosen not to create any MS accounts, which does mean Cortana does not work:-( I never really understood why MS introduces things that have already been done – ATI and NVidia both had recording available before Win10 came out, and all the game platforms allow you to take screenshots (F12 in Steam and Uplay), and many games have their own screen-shot hotkeys. I guess if you had an older video card the Xbox DVR may be useful, but it should be something you choose to turn on, rather than a default setting. Anybody would think MS is trying to muscle out NVidia, ATI, Steam, Uplay, and Origin 🙂