Reset the Default Programs Files With – File Association in Windows 10

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Do you have files that are opening in a different program than you want? I will show you how to reset back the defaults for file associations in Windows 10. default file associations – restore in windows 10. You can remove file association windows 10 with these easy steps.

Another Video to change the file association with ‘open with’ and also adding ‘open with’ if it is missing:

Need to change a specific file type:

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27 Responses to “Reset the Default Programs Files With – File Association in Windows 10

  • How do i set this back to winrar? because when i try to download a winrar thing it just sends me to internet explorer any help?

  • How to do it in windows 8

  • does this work for package files

  • i dont have default apps or something like that
    0 help
    +1 dislike

  • how do you change it tho

  • i dont have default apps or something like that 🙁 help plz

  • didnt work, my downloads still open in notepad

  • Hey I have a problem wherever I download a file from the web and go back to open to open the file it opens on notepad I just want to set it to default settings the file explorer

  • Thanks man great vid, fixed problem.

  • Omg TYSM <3 for the longest time I had this issue with my pc.

  • I Don't have that in my System Section

  • it works thanks

  • everything i download is on notepad plz help ….

  • i love u

  • dude thank you so much when everyting was fixed I cried everyone sub and like to himmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • all the files kept opening into cmd.
    when i right clicked on it the highlighted option its cmd instead of open.

    how can i fix ths?!

  • Cool video u make video please when u can show us how to"undo" default program. In my case i opened mod file .esp in notpad and i whant to reverse that. ty

  • Greatly appreciate it, I messed up my .rar and couldn't find an up to date way to fix it till now.



  • plz help me i have a file that has open with notepad and it does it to all my files and i want to reset it where it doesnt open it to nothing. PLZ help 🙁

  • i have a .VTF file that i accidentally changed to "open with" program and this didnt work..

  • Thanks for this. Really didn't help my situation. I have a .package file that was opening without a file association. During a windows update, windows assigned it a program that does not open the files. Now I don't know how to remove it because it's asking me for an alternate program to open the file. I want to reset the association to Unknown. THis requires a change to the registry but i haven't found any good tutorials on how to do that. If you could help I would appreciate it.

  • I am using a vmf file, and it has gone through two app associations, so by resetting, it only went back to the first one and not the original "blank paper" type

  • My file has a nicnt format and by accident I openned it with notepad now I can't undo that anymore… this is so frustrating
    and youre method did not fix it
    do you have any sugestions