VPN for Windows – VPN Service Review

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VPN for Windows

VPN for Windows – Protect Your Privacy

A VPN for Windows creates a virtual encrypted tunnel that connects you and a remote server operated by your VPN service.  All the external internet traffic is routed through this tunnel.  This makes your data that you are sending through the internet securely from those unwanted prying eyes.  The VPN service also uses your VPN server that you connect to IP address, which masks your identity.  When logging into financial institutions, it is best to use a VPN to secure your information.


The Top Rated VPN for Windows Service

PC Magazine Editors Choice, Wired Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Forbes, and BBC are just a few of the high reviews our best VPN service suggestion is.

We suggest signing up for NordVPN service

Here is why we think NordVPN is one of the Top VPN options in the world:

  • Allows you to use 6 VPN connections at a time (this should cover your entire household)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • No Throttling
  • Double VPN Data Encryption
  • Super Fast 2649 Servers Worldwide in 56 countries
  • Easy Setup – Download, Install and click the Quick Connect button
  • No logging of your activity
  • DNS leak protection
  • Automatic kill switch, if your connection drops it stops the websites to protect your privacy
  • Mobile Apps available for iOS and Android

This is one of the most affordable VPN services available with top-rated customer support.

Head over to the NordVPN site to see their current special pricing and additional features.  Not only is this a great VPN Service for Windows, but also works on your cellphones as well.

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